Crossing the Divide    /    Episode 5

What happens when you put people of all political persuasions together over dinner?

Crossing the Divide    /    Episode 2

Why a gay rights activist started a movement to talk to thousands who voted against gay marriage.

Crossing the Divide    /    Trailer

It feels like we've never been more divided. Yet amidst our most intense religious, political, and cultural conflicts, there are people around the country who are working tirelessly to forge connections. It’s not easy and the odds of success are far from certain, but for some, accepting things as they are just isn't an option. Freethink presents a new original series, “Crossing the Divide.”

Crossing the Divide    /    Episode 1

When an imam invited a Jewish congregation to worship in his mosque, many of his members left in protest. But the initial controversy has since given way to an inspiring example of tolerance and compassion.

Pop Revolution    /    Episode 1

After years of repression, smartphones and social media are giving Myanmar a taste of the outside world. And young people are eager to catch up on what they missed. We join a group of skaters who are reimagining life in the once isolated society and shaping its future in the process.

Pop Revolution    /    Trailer

Join us as we go to the front lines of a revolution that is erupting all around the globe today, transforming whole societies in its wake. This revolution isn’t being fought with guns on a battlefield or with signs at a rally. It isn't a struggle to replace old governments with new ones. This revolution is different. This is the remarkable true story of how ordinary people armed with nothing more than smartphones, flash drives, skateboards, lipstick and tattoos are fighting back against their oppressors and winning. This is Pop Revolution.

Rise    /    Episode 1

Faced with difficult hardships, many residents of Rio's largest "slum" city are rising up and building better lives for themselves and each other. Not long ago, this incredible city was composed of little more than wooden shacks; today it's a thriving community built on top of an intricate labyrinth of housing, businesses and utilities.

Rise    /    Trailer

One of the most significant transformations in humankind is underway but largely going untold. Fueled by advances in technology and innovation, global poverty has been slashed in half over the last decade with predictions that it will be eradicated over the next. From makeshift cities to smart phones to water purification to the blockchain, join us as we travel the world to see firsthand how entrepreneurship is lifting people up in the developing world. This is the incredible true story of the rising billion.

Wrong    /    Trailer

Want to see into the future? We’d all like to, and experts do their best to forecast what’s to come. But, still, even they can get it wrong.