Coded    /    Episode 6

In Ethiopia, the main prison is divided into eight zones. Many refer to the rest of the country, where surveillance and repression is the default, as “Zone 9.” But Endalk Chala is fighting back. Chala spends his days as a doctoral student in Oregon, while moonlighting as an encryption expert, helping bloggers in his native Ethiopia escape capture, torture, and possible death at the hands of the government. He believes technology is the key to giving a voice back to people who are forced to stay quiet.

Coded    /    Episode 5

There is an incredible amount of data in your DNA. Heather Dewey-Hagborg wants to make sure you have control over that data. She developed a spray that masks your DNA wherever it’s left. Is it a new frontier in personal privacy or a handy tool for criminals?

Coded    /    Episode 4

Charlie Shrem went from multi-millionaire to having almost nothing. Shrem was a Bitcoin pioneer. And it paid off big time. Until he was sent to jail for allowing a customer to resell bitcoin on Silk Road. Now, he’s out and wants to convince the world that Bitcoin is the future of finance.

Coded    /    Episode 3

In our hyper-connected world, hacking is a superpower. And Nico Sell wants to make sure that power ends up in the right hands. She started Rootz Asylum to teach kids how to hack and encourage them to use their new-found talents for good.

Coded    /    Episode 2

At an undisclosed location in Sarajevo, a group of hackers are working with journalists to expose organized crime and corruption. But those engaged in illicit activity respond with cyber attacks and other intimidation tactics. Can the group fight off the attacks and help journalists bring the truth to light?

Coded    /    Episode 1

Ladar Levison’s email service counted Edward Snowden among its users. But, when the FBI demanded Levison hand over Snowden’s communications, Levison destroyed the company’s servers. Now, he’s back with a more secure version of the service that could make mass surveillance obsolete.