Superhuman    /    Episode 9

A father’s quest to help his son with diabetes led him to develop an artificial pancreas that could change the lives of millions of people who suffer from the disease.

Superhuman    /    Episode 11

When a father’s daughter was diagnosed with a heart disease, he set out to design an innovative 3D model of a heart that doctors could explore in virtual reality to save her life and thousands more.

Superhuman    /    Episode 5

After a devastating car accident, a young man was left almost completely paralyzed. But an injection of embryonic stem cells in his spinal cord has given him back almost complete function of his arms and hands.

Superhuman    /    Episode 2

A diving accident left a young man unable to move most of his body. But a brain implant connected to electrodes on his arm restored his ability to move his fingers and could offer hope to those who have lost function in their limbs.

Superhuman    /    Episode 4

The 3D-printed prosthetics revolution started with a single child but has since snowballed into an incredible movement of shared designs and tech that’s making prosthetics better and cheaper for everyone.

Culture    /    Video

Hamish Brewer, a tattooed, skateboarding principal from New Zealand isn’t your normal principal.

On The Cusp    /    Video

Could zookeeping turn an inmate’s life around? Jeanne Selander who runs the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm thinks so.

Crossing the Divide    /    Episode 5

What happens when you put people of all political persuasions together over dinner?

Crossing the Divide    /    Episode 3

In the wake of the Michael Brown shooting, Shaun “Lucky” Corbett, a barber in Charlotte, was inspired to do his part to bring peace to his community. Lucky teamed up with Officer Rob Dance to start a mentoring program that has opened up an important dialogue between the officers and the community.

Crossing the Divide    /    Episode 2

Why a gay rights activist started a movement to talk to thousands who voted against gay marriage.

Crossing the Divide    /    Trailer

It feels like we've never been more divided. Yet amidst our most intense religious, political, and cultural conflicts, there are people around the country who are working tirelessly to forge connections. It’s not easy and the odds of success are far from certain, but for some, accepting things as they are just isn't an option. Freethink presents a new original series, “Crossing the Divide.”

Crossing the Divide    /    Episode 1

When an imam invited a Jewish congregation to worship in his mosque, many of his members left in protest. But the initial controversy has since given way to an inspiring example of tolerance and compassion.