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An App for Global Trade

Flexport believes that nothing helps people improve their lives more than the ability to trade with one another. And, yet international shipping is still way too cumbersome. So Flexport built an in app to make it easier. If Flexport succeeds, nearly everything you buy will cost less.
380,087 Total Views
380,087 Total Views


Fast Company presents a Freethink original series about entrepreneurs building companies that could transform entire industries and change the world.
5 Episodes
Episode 1
Flexport thinks bringing trade into the 21st century could improve lives around the globe. »
Episode 2
Vicarious believes smart machines could solve virtually every problem humans can’t. »
Episode 3
Transatomic believes they've figured out a safe, scalable, cost-effective way to power the world with nuclear. »
Episode 4
A highly-personalized experience could be the foundation for the future of education. »
Episode 5
How virtual reality could alter the human experience forever. »