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The Unhackable Email Service

Ladar Levison’s email service counted Edward Snowden among its users. But, when the FBI demanded Levison hand over Snowden’s communications, Levison destroyed the company’s servers. Now, he’s back with a more secure version of the service that could make mass surveillance obsolete.
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Meet the programmers on the frontlines of the war over security and privacy.
6 Episodes
Episode 1
Edward Snowden’s email service of choice wants to make mass surveillance obsolete. »
Episode 2
Hackers and journalists team up to expose crime and corruption around the world »
Episode 3
How do we make sure the next generation of hackers uses their talents for good? »
Episode 4
Can a bitcoin entrepreneur on house arrest convince the world it’s the currency of the future? »
Episode 5
Is a spray that can mask your DNA the frontier of personal privacy or a tool for criminals? »
Episode 6
An exiled blogger teaches journalists in his native Ethiopia how to avoid capture »