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Erasing Your DNA

There is an incredible amount of data in your DNA. Heather Dewey-Hagborg wants to make sure you have control over that data. She developed a spray that masks your DNA wherever it’s left. Is it a new frontier in personal privacy or a handy tool for criminals?
395,618 Total Views
395,618 Total Views


Meet the programmers on the frontlines of the war over security and privacy.
6 Episodes
Episode 1
Edward Snowden’s email service of choice wants to make mass surveillance obsolete. »
Episode 2
Hackers and journalists team up to expose crime and corruption around the world »
Episode 3
How do we make sure the next generation of hackers uses their talents for good? »
Episode 4
Can a bitcoin entrepreneur on house arrest convince the world it’s the currency of the future? »
Episode 5
Is a spray that can mask your DNA the frontier of personal privacy or a tool for criminals? »
Episode 6
An exiled blogger teaches journalists in his native Ethiopia how to avoid capture »