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In 1903, a pair of unknown bicycle mechanics from Millville, Indiana left their shop one morning with a strange invention and became the first humans in history to take flight. You know their names and their story, but at the time no one else did. Their story wasn’t headline news that day, nor the day after. In fact, it was years before anyone would see the Wright Brothers’ name in print.

At Freethink, our mission is to ensure that you don’t have to wait years to hear about the Wright Brothers of our time – the pioneers who are hard at work all around us, quietly changing the world. We hope their stories will inspire you to make a difference in your own way.

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At Freethink we tell stories about our changing world, for people who want to have a hand in changing it.

Each week, we release a new video featuring passionate innovators who are solving humanity’s biggest challenges by thinking differently.

From aerospace engineers in the Mojave Desert to entrepreneurs in South America’s biggest slum, our videos give you an intimate look at not only what they’re doing but also why they’re doing it, the obstacles they face, and what motivates them to keep driving forward.

We hope that after you watch these stories, you’ll come away with insights and inspiration you can use to make a difference in your own way.

Want to learn more about Freethink? We think our videos tell our story better than we can, so please take a look around.



We have partnered with other publishers like National Geographic, Upworthy, Popular Science and Fast Company along with brands like Breitling to tell stories that are important to their audiences and to ours. Interested?


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Today’s digital audiences have no shortage of options, so creating content they’ll choose to watch and share is our core mission at Freethink Creative.

We’re a group of filmmakers, writers, designers and strategists who specialize in telling powerful stories and getting them in front of the right audience. Using the same expertise that drives our editorial work at Freethink Media, we help clients tell stories that resonate with their audience and deliver a meaningful impact.



Our core teams in New York City and DC are joined by a growing network of directors, editors, composers, designers, journalists, developers and more all around the world. Together, we’re building the kind of media company we all want to work for: curious, experimental and ambitious


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We’re always looking for great people to join us. Stay tuned for job listings as they’re posted. In the meantime, don’t be shy:


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